Drink a lot of red wine, and eventually, your pearly whites will start to turn purple. The good news is researchers say red wine protects your teeth against cavities. But while you are enjoying that extra glass of cavity protective wine, your teeth are turning darker and darker. But did you know that red wine stains are entirely avoidable?
Here are a few tips to prevent or get rid of that stain, so you don’t have to give up the vino.

  1. Brush your teeth BEFORE you drink, not after!!
    The stains you see after a glass of wine are the wine sticking to the plaque on the teeth. So make sure to brush and floss beforehand.
  2. Don’t brush your teeth right AFTER drinking wine!
    The acidity from the wine is still fresh in your mouth and your teeth. Brushing at this point causes you to strip away some of your teeth’s useful enamel. Wait a few minutes, drink a glass or two of water and then brush.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water!
    Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it’s also good for cleaning your teeth. For best results, swish some water around in your mouth after every glass and you’ll rinse the stains away.
  4. Get Cheesy!
    The proteins in a wheel of brie or gouda form a protective layer on your teeth like a red wine shield.
  5. Eat your Greens!
    Roughage contains lots of fiber and fiber act’s like nature’s toothbrush, cleaning away the red wine as you drink.

So brush your teeth before you drink… when you drink have some water, cheese and a salad! That sounds like a great night to us!

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