If you’re trying to be teeth-conscious and prevent cavities this Valentine’s Day, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Not all candies are created equal and taking care of your teeth doesn’t mean you have to eliminate anything sweet. You just need to be informed so you can make healthy choices for yourself and your family.  Here are three Valentine’s Day treats that won’t hurt your teeth.

  1. Fruit Bouquet

Giving bouquets of flowers is already a popular thing to do for Valentine’s, so why not make it extra special with a beautiful bouquet that’s made entirely of fruit? Different companies offer arrangements made from fresh fruit, and many of them offer easy ordering online. Extra bonus: fruit is friendlier on your teeth than other sticky sweets.

  • Dark Chocolate Bar

You may be surprised to see chocolate on this list, but dark chocolate is a healthier choice due to its antioxidant properties. Plus, a bar of smooth dark chocolate is safer on your teeth than one that’s full of hard nuts, which have the potential to crack a tooth if bit into the wrong way. It’s also nicer for your teeth than chocolate that’s full of caramel, which sticks to your teeth and makes for a cavity paradise.

  • Cheese Platter

This one is a little outside the box, but the calcium in cheese makes it quite good for dental health. And with the right fancy cheeses, organized on an elegant wooden board or piece of slate with some crackers and grapes, you can present your loved one with an impressive spread. Plus, who can resist cheese?

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Havrilla Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants.  If you have a periodontal/dental implant condition, it’s important to receive treatment before it becomes a dental emergency. At the Havrilla Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants located in Broomall, PA, attending to your comfort and concerns is our first priority.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of periodontal and dental implant care in a warm and friendly environment.