There is no need for you to panic if you lose a tooth.  We have state-of-the art dental implants available that will look exactly like your missing tooth.  Most people tend to go with dentures when it comes to getting artificial teeth.  So why should you opt for dental implants?  Here are three reasons.

  1. Stronger bite force means eating all the foods you love

Humans have naturally powerful jaws and teeth because of our varied diet. Generally, your bite force with your natural teeth (at their healthiest) is strong — falling somewhere between 200-250 pounds of force. The reality is, traditional dentures are not a viable option if you want to get anywhere near the same level of bite force.

With traditional dentures, statistically, your bite force goes down to less than 50 pounds of force. With this change in force, your bite force goes from a steak dinner to a bowl of soup.

  1. Less maintenance means more money in your pocket

Dental implants are truly the most reliable and durable option for teeth replacement. Since it becomes a part of your bone through fusing, it lasts a lifetime.

Dentures may need to be relined or remade after every few years, but with dental implants, that worry goes out of the window.

  1. Better design means less bone loss and better quality of life with improved appearance

All your teeth are anchored into your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, the support to the jawbone is lost. This causes the bone in that area to melt away, resulting in changes in the structure of your face.

That gap in the jawbone can cause your face to collapse, giving you an older appearance. By getting a dental implant, the jawbone fuses with the implant, which helps the bone to rebuild and stay healthy.  With dentures, the bone is left unsupported. This causes further deterioration of the bone and facial structure.