No one wants to deprive themselves of the fantastic foods offered during Thanksgiving, but some are better than others for your teeth. 

  1. Cheese – It’s rich in calcium and helps maintain strong bones and teeth
  2. Vegetables – These foods are fiber-rich and contain vital vitamins that keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.  The amount of chewing they require also promotes saliva production
  3. Water – Stay hydrated.  Water helps to clean food out of your mouth.  It also prevents dry mouth, which can cause excessive bacteria build up.
  4. Turkey – Packed with protein, but It can get caught in your teeth so make sure you floss!
  5. Yams or sweet potatoes – These are great for regulating blood sugar and can help prevent periodontal disease.  While most dishes are sweetened with marshmallows on Thanksgiving, we say don’t deprive yourself of the treat just remember to rinse your mouth with water any time you eat a sugary dish.

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