Ever finished a drink and noticed that your teeth feel grimy? Or filmy? Or clean? Everything you drink has the potential to impact your teeth — and you want to protect your smile from unsightly discoloration and deeper problems like erosion and decay. 

Here are the Six Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

1) Kombucha and vinegar-based drinks

These natural drinks are gaining popularity due to their potential health benefits. Kombucha, a bubbly, probiotic-packed drink, and drinks created with apple cider vinegar can be highly acidic, leading to enamel erosion and loss of minerals.

2) Cola

Everyone knows soda is terrible for your teeth. The high sugar content plus carbonation is a recipe for tooth decay on its own, but cola also tends to have the highest acidity of all soda types, leading to softened tooth enamel, too.

3) Mimosas

Sorry, brunch, but this mixed drink is going down the drain. Mimosas are sugary, acidic and bubbly— a triple whammy of tooth destruction. Plus, mimosas are the kind of drink you sip, meaning it has longer to sit on the teeth.

4) Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, this might hurt to hear. Drinking coffee on a regular basis can wear down your enamel, leading to sensitivity problems. It can also, of course, cause staining. However, coffee isn’t terribly acidic, so a sugar-free cup now and then is probably fine.

5) Sweet tea

Iced tea can cause just as much staining as coffee, and if you’re drinking it sweetened the traditional way, your teeth are in trouble. If you just can’t help yourself, try making it with a sugar substitute and limiting the amount you drink in a day.

6) Energy drinks

While these drinks might be pumping you up, they can be wreaking havoc in your mouth. Energy drinks can cause serious damage to your enamel due to high acidity levels. In addition, the hyperactive energy can cause teeth-grinding, leading to tooth breakage and loss.

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