1. Hold Off Brushing – Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Brushing your teeth right after drinking wine can damage your tooth enamel since the high acidity of wine make your teeth super sensitive to abrasion.  Instead, brush your teeth an hour or so before.  Wine clings to and stains the plaque in your teeth.  Brushing it away before you drink will decrease your chances of wine-stained smile.
  • Sparking Water – Swish it around in your mouth and allow the bubbles to loosen up and scrub away the stains.
  • Say Cheese – Eating cheese will cause calcium to build up on your teeth, as well as close the tiny micropores on the surface.  In other words, it become way more difficult for wine to stain your teeth.
  • Say No to White Wine – Try to avoid drinking white wine before you switch to red.  The acidity of white wine erodes your enamel and basically acts as a primer, making the red wine tannins stick to your teeth more.
  • Grab a Lime – Use this one sparingly because the high acidity of citrus fruits like limes can wear down your tooth enamel over time.  So only in emergencies, run to the bar and grab a wedge of lime and rub it gently across your teeth and lips and watch the stains disappear.