Botox is a neurotoxin that is injected into the skin. A botox injection can be used for cosmetic purposes, or the treatment can be used for medical applications, such as a treatment for chronic migraines which makes botox a very safe product.


Botox injections that are strategically placed in problem areas with fine lines or wrinkles are able to prevent the muscles in the associated area from contracting. This feature smooths out these lines to provide a more youthful appearance.


Swelling and redness is common immediately following a Botox injection, but these effects disappear almost immediately or within the hour. The best way to avoid irritation is by not touching the site of the injection. Vigorous activity immediately after the procedure is not recommended because it may increase the risk of bruising. Smoking and taking blood thinners may worsen any side effects.


Although you may have heard of the “Botox party”, Botox injections should not be administered in this manner. This medical procedure is not as serious as surgery, but it does require the use of sterile instruments and local anesthesia if needed. The most appropriate place to receive Botox injections is a practice like Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center.

If you are planning to have a Botox injection, it’s important that you choose a licensed skin care expert. In order to find the correct injection sites, the practitioner must have received training in this area, and certified aesthetic nurses have this education. These experts know that the correct injection sites are not necessarily where your wrinkles exist, how much botulinum toxin is required, how to avoid unnecessary and unwanted side-effects and more.