Brushing your teeth twice per day is important to keeping your teeth clean and healthy.  But believe it or not you can brush your teeth to hard.  Sometimes people over brush or brush too hard on their dominant side or simply put too much pressure on the teeth.  This can damage your gums which can’t be reversed without surgery.

Here are 3 signs you’re brushing your teeth too hard:

  1. Gums are receding – It’s possible that you may have even noticed a change in your gum line. 
  2. Sensitive teeth – Certain parts of your teeth feel colder or more sensitive than other parts, this is because the receding gums exposed parts of your teeth that have been covered until that point.
  3. Teeth not so bright near your gums – Once again the receding gums reveals part of your tooth that hasn’t been exposed.  That newly exposed portion of the tooth is a different color because it doesn’t have enamel.

If you do think you have receding gums visit your dentist to see the extent of the damage.  You may need to consult with a Periodontist who can graft gum tissue back onto the roots of your teeth and restore your smile to its previous state.

Overall, it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day for two full minutes.  The harder you brush doesn’t necessarily mean the healthier your teeth can be.