Smiling can improve your mood, boost your immune system, and even make you appear more attractive to others. However, some people may try to hide their pearly whites because they are embarrassed by stained teeth. Whitening your teeth can make a significant improvement in the appearance of your smile and increase your confidence. There are a variety of teeth whitening methods to choose from to help you achieve your ideal smile, below are just a few.

Professional At-Home Whitening Kits

A great option to brighten your smile is professional at-home whitening treatments. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to create custom-fit whitening trays and they’ll be ready to pick up in just a few days. When you pick up your trays, the office will also give you syringes of a whitening solution. A staff member will explain how to use your whitening kit for optimal results.

Benefits of Professional At-Home Whitening Kits 

  • Convenient, use on your own time!
  • Reliable results
  • Stronger whitening power than whitening strips 

An added benefit of whitening trays is that they are reusable! If you decide you want to whiten your teeth in the future, you can use the same trays. All you must do is get more syringes of whitening solution from your dentist.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth-whitening strips have been growing in popularity over the last decade and are available at most drug stores. They are simple to use and only have to be left of the teeth for 5-30 minutes at a time. Over-the-counter whitening strips can be less expensive than other whitening treatments.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Strips 

  • Affordable 
  • Use on your own time 
  • Available at drug stores

There are drawbacks to whitening strips. Tooth enamel can be damaged by overuse of the strips. White strip users are also likely to experience tooth and gum sensitivity. Additionally, whitening strips use less effective ingredients than kits from a dental office.

So Which Option is Best?

There are so many options for a reason! What works for your friend, may not be the best solution for you. Some factors to consider are how much you want to spend, how fast you are looking to see results, and how long you want the results to last.

We are here to help figure out what teeth whitening option is best for you. Click to schedule a consultation today!