#1: End of summer

Many people say they schedule an appointment in the fall because life has calmed down after the busy-ness and fun of summer.

#2: Botox specials are the best in the Fall

It’s true. Specials are often the best during the autumn months including our own.  That’s probably because there are so many people who want aesthetic treatment before the end-of-year holiday craziness starts.

#3: Holidays Are Coming

Getting injections in the fall means that by the holidays you’ll look your very best.

#4: It’s Just Time

With the quarantine many couldn’t get their fill of Botox and now that the hustle and bustle of Summer is over… now is the time to get a touch up.

Fall into Fabulous… It’s time to treat yourself and erase those summer wrinkles and lines …and “rake” in the savings with our Botox and Filler Specials. Hurry! Offer ends October 31st… call now – 610.328.9608

**Fall 2020 Specials**

*$2 off each unit of Botox

*$50 off each syringe of Versa/Juvederm

Schedule your Botox or Fillers with the Havrilla Center and be sure you’ll see the best in the field, not just a technician. Dr. Joseph Havrilla is AAFE certified and as a Periodontist can use Novocaine if desired.